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 The Headmaster is bringing sexy back!

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Join date : 2010-06-04
Age : 27

PostSubject: The Headmaster is bringing sexy back!   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:12 pm

'Howdy 'partna!

The name is Skarthy!
I come here from tS. I was the former tS Headmaster before its downfall. My departure only created chaos! I slapped around all those naabs at tS to show them their unimportance.

I wish to rule over 'ze lot of ya'll!
My superior form of mindset and skills make anyone else here beneath me!

*Drops his pants to show-off his gigantic 'goodies.*

*Fan-boys faint in the crowd.*

I hope you guys really like me! Beneath my cocky personality, there is more cockiness waiting for you! I am really not that bad of a guy. Just as long as you follow these regulations.

I. Never dare touch my 'awesomeness!

II. Never make direct eye contact. Those who do, will break down under the intensity of his awesomeness.

III. Never refer to me as anything else besides the following: "Papi"

Never 'eva attempt to create conversation with his awesomeness! Worms, by that I mean everyone here, may only speak if given the right to, or if questioned by his 'awesomeness.

V. His awesomeness may at times put worms down. In common occasions he will continue until one is "put out of his misery". His awesomeness will not be held responsible for suicidal thoughts or actions.

VI. If his awesomeness is roaming through the chat box, worms must greet him, drop to their knees, and beg to kiss his ring. Once, and only once, permission has been granted worms must pucker their lips as his awesomeness prepares the ring for unworthy lips. His awesomeness will drop his pants and one must kiss the ring that is snuggly fit 'round his enormous shaft.

VII. If a worm is dueling his awesomeness, they must lose 'ze duel or else. If one refuses, his awesomeness will disconnect and choke-out 'dis mofoka'!

VIII. If one is insulted by his awesomeness, don't try to play it off as a tuff guy. One must drop to the filth, where he belongs, and begin to weep like a little girl.

IX. Take everything that comes out of his awesomeness' mouth as an insult.

X. Once in a while, his awesomeness will spit on worms for his own personal humor and satisfaction. If one shows even the slightest form of disgust, they will get their * beaten on 'ze spot! One must learn to accept what they are. WORMS!

XI. If his awesomeness develops sexual desires with any worm, which is highly unlikely I mean c'mon let's face it his awesomeness is too great for 'ze lot off you, they must accept him as their "abuser" for the rest of their pathetic life! Then they must engage in a passionate, romantic lip-lock. Tounge will be used or else it will be chopped off with a guillotine.

So as long as you follow these regulations, I will not harass you as much. I may seem as an "ass". Well, I am one, so accept the fact that I am!

~His awesomeness, Skarthy

Last edited by Skarthy on Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:22 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: The Headmaster is bringing sexy back!   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:51 pm

Gigantic Goodies XD XD XD

Anyways thanks for Joining Razz
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The Headmaster is bringing sexy back!
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